Privacy Policy


UXTesting, Inc. (“Us”, “We”, “Our”, the “Company”) provides a service, including Software Development Kits (the “UXTesting SDKs”) (together the “Service”) for software application development and testing. UXTesting’s customers (the “Customers”) may implement the UXTesting SDKs in their software applications, currently being developed (the “Software Application”), thus making it possible to record and analyze test sessions and user behavior. This Privacy Policy applies to you, as a tester (“You” the “Tester”), and Your use of any Software Application containing the UXTesting SDKs currently tested by You on behalf of the Customer.

We respect Your right to privacy and We want to make sure that You understand the type of Personal Data and information that we collect about You, how it is used and the safeguards we use to protect it.

Collection of Personal Data

We use the Service to record and enable playback of Your test sessions and We may collect Personal Data each time a recording is initiated. Depending on the features in the device You are using and/or the Software Application currently tested by You, We may collect the following Personal Data: username, e-mail address, information regarding the device (e.g. device name, operating system and model), video content (captured by the camera and the screen), sound, location, banners and other notifications (as they may appear on the screen) and any other Personal Data included in the information that You enter into, or submit to the Software Application.

Processing of Personal Data

Personal Data, included in the recordings, is stored and processed solely on behalf of and on the instructions of the Customer and for purposes that include testing, analyzing and evaluating the Software Application that is currently being developed or user behavior in general. Furthermore, Personal Data included in the recordings may, in connection with the purpose above, be made available by the Customer to the public through an open archive of test sessions hosted by Us. Neither We nor the Customer will use Your Personal Data for any other purpose without your consent.

Transfer of Personal Data

The Personal Data that We collect may be shared with third party service providers contracted by Us for provision of the Service and which are located in countries outside of the Asia. Hence, Your Personal Data may at any time be transferred to such countries for such purpose.


We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Your Personal Data is not misused, lost or unlawfully accessed.

Accuracy and right to information

We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your Personal Data is correct and up-to-date. If you believe that any Personal Data stored by Us is incorrect, you are welcome to contact Us and provide us with correct data in order for Us to rectify and update your Personal Data.

You may, once per calendar year, request information regarding Personal Data stored by Us. Such request, in writing and signed by you, shall be addressed to Us on the address below.


If You have any questions about how We use your Personal Data, you may contact us at