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UXTesting Business Intelligence Platform

Standard :

  • Website and prototype testing on mobile and desktop
  • Native app test on iOS and Android
  • Customized tasks and survey questions assignments
  • Collaborative platform (Time-stamped comment, report issues, share video link, label task video status)
  • Insight metric report
  • Slack Integration

Premium :

  • AI emotion detection
  • Voice recognition (Speech to text)
  • Report and raw data as CSV Export
  • Test video download
  • iPhone eye tracking

Tester Recruitment

  • Unmoderated global tester recruitment (70+ countries)
  • General demographic screen questions

Happy Diagnosis Program

  • Agilely understand customer experience insight for cross-border enterprises
  • 21 Business Days deliver the data-driven report

Pricing FAQ

Sure thing! We offer a free trial for 14 days without a credit card requirement. During the free trial, you can fully access to all features with unlimited usage.

However, the recording function and data won’t be able to access when you exceed the trial. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your data for a few months, and it will resume when you buy a plan.

We provide a customized price that depends on your requirements such as UXTesting platform or Happy Diagnosis Program.

  • UXTesting Business Intelligence Platform and Tester Recruitment:
    We will charge your credit card according to the customized quotation. You can fully access all the test data and our service within the effective period. Once the license expires, you won’t be able to access your data until reactivating your account.
  • Happy Diagnosis Program:
    The payment will be a one-time payment via credit card or wire transfer. Please contact us to get more information: Here

For UXTesting platform and tester recruitment, we use Stripe that supports automatically to send invoices and purchase orders to all the customers. For the Happy Diagnosis Program, we will issue you a customized invoice.

If there are any questions or need further information, please contact contact@uxtesting.io.

You can upgrade or purchase additional accounts anytime. Please contact us for more information: contact@uxtesting.io.

Yes! We’ve been partners with 20+ local UX communities and universities around the world. If you are looking for educational or community partner version, please contact us: contact@uxtesting.io.

Happy Diagnosis Program is an all-in-one service to help you understand customer insights or benchmark agilely. You will receive a comprehensive and actionable insightful report within 21 days that enable you to make data-driven decisions and go to the market faster than ever. Talk to experts: contact@uxtesting.io.

UXTesting is used and loved by some of the best companies in the world

“ A versatile and fantastic cross platform solution to usertesting needs, enabling anyone to build and run tests quickly & easily. ”

“ Of all the products we've evaluated, UXTesting has, by far, the most promising feature set for capturing both quantitive and qualitative metrics needed for robust mobile UX design. ”

“ Mobile user experience testing with UXTesting is really easy. I especially love the feedback from the user’s face and screen touches on a mobile browser. Great for mobile app testing! ”