UXTesting Platform

Suit for freelancer or single user
$ 149 USD / Month
20% off for annual
3 Research Projects*2 / Month
Unlimited Bring Your Own Testers

  • In-Person Test
  • Remote User Testing
    • Self-Test
      (Remote Unmoderated)
    • Live Session
      (Remote Moderated)new
  • Test with Prototype, Website and Native app
  • Test with Unlimited Customized Tasks and Survey
  • Usability Metrics Report
  • Share Test Video with an URL
Suit for small team or project-based team
$ 499 USD / Month
20% off for annual
10 Research Projects*2 / Month
Unlimited Bring Your Own Testers

  • Starter Plan, Plus
  • Export Usability Metrics Report as Excel
  • Slack Integration
  • Collaborative Platform
  • iPhone Eye Trackingnew
Suit for mid-size team
$ 1999 USD / Month
25% off for annual
Unlimited Research Projects*2
Unlimited Bring Your Own Testers

  • Team, Plus
  • Export the Test Videos
  • Discount on UXTesting Tester Recruitment
  • UXTesting Business Intelligence Analysis Function
    • Human Emotion Detection
    • Voice Recognition
      (Audio -> Transcript)new
  • Priority Support
Suit for large team or enterprise
Custom Pricing
Billed Annually
Unlimited Research Projects*2
Unlimited Bring Your Own Testers

  • Business, Plus
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
    • Customer On-Board Training
    • Customer Support (24/7)
  • Premium UXTesting Tester Recruitment
  • Automatic New Features Upgrade
  • Legal and Security Assessments / Review
  • Language Translation On Demand
  1. With an account, you will be able to access the UXTesting platform to create projects, review, analyze the test results, or join the Live session as a moderator or observer.
  2. An research project will enable you to test with an native app, prototype, or website with unlimited video recording with your own testers.

UXTesting Service

Save time and focus on research to uncover insights. UXTesting will handle all the logistics including sourcing the testers, setting up the technology, paying the incentive, and scheduling the time.
  • In-Person Tester
  • Self-Test Tester (Remote Unmoderated)
  • Live Session Tester (Remote Moderated)
Testers are located globally in 70+ countries.
Target the participants with demographic questions and screen questions.
Agilely understand the customer experience insight on your own product or your competitor's product.
  • UXTesting Professional Experts Craft a Test for You
  • A Detailed Synthesis Report Delivered within 21 Days
  • Users’ Behavior Videos