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Happy Diagnosis Program (TM) is an innovative and all-in-one solution program to understand customer experience insight for cross-border enterprises with UXTesting deep learning technology.

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Use scientific precision to validate the problem, then design the perfect tool.

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Find the Right Questions To Measure
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Provide Solutions & Measure our Answers
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Cut Once
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Connect Product to Users & Let the World Know
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Case Studies

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The UX team is now one step closer to their goal of providing the same amazing experience online and in the plane with a more personal experience for travelers, aided by remote user testing.

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Telecom Company

“In general, UXTesting can greatly improve the efficiency of usability testing and reduce implementation costs by the online platform. It is estimated that on average, it takes only 5-7 days to complete a project, and the efficiency is at least doubled compared with the laboratory method.” Adoption of UXTesting solution highly enhances their efficiency to understand the users and increases the speed of the entire production process.

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Advance your User eXperience strategy and double your search engine traffic with UX consultancy from UXTesting.

With this case the client gained a better understanding in what their users experience as they interact with the e-commerce site, and encountered a profitable side-business of managing a forum in the process.