Client FAQ - Happy Diagnosis Program

Happy Diagnosis Program is an innovative and all-in-one solution program to understand customer experience insights with UXTesting experts. With 5 steps, we will deliver a detailed synthesis and comprehensive report within 3 weeks to help you make the right data-driven decisions.

  • Discover: Understand the objectives and products
  • Define: Craft a holistic research plan based on your goals
  • Build: Recruit target testers and prepare for the research session
  • Launch: Conduct user testing to collect qualitative and quantitative data
  • Insights: A detailed synthesis report will be delivered

Review details: Happy Diagnosis Program

Our experts can help you to test any digital product from prototype to live products. You can test with your own products or your competitors’ products to do benchmarking analysis to compare the existing performance.

Please contact us or send an email at and we will guide you through this process.