Client FAQ - Global Tester Recruitment

UXTesting gives you access to a versatile and global on-demand group of study testers. We will manage all the logistics of the recruiting process including sourcing the tester, scheduling, setting up the technology, and paying incentive payments.

You can recruit different kinds of testers depending on your projects:

  • In-Person Tester
  • Self-Test Tester (Remote Unmoderated)
  • Live Session Tester (Remote Moderated)

You can pre-screen testers with the basic demographic information like Age, Gender, Location, Education, and Income.

In addition to selecting from available basic demographic, you can also use custom segments and target specific panellists for your study if requested.

  • Custom requirements: Create custom requirements for panellists to qualify for study participation, such as experienced in using specific industry services.
  • Custom screeners: Create custom screen questions to find particular panellists based on association with opinions on specific topics.

UXTesting will save your time to source the testers, allowing you to focus on the research and discovering the insights. The process will be:

  1. Request testers from UXTesting
  2. UXTesting helps you source the testers based on your criteria
  3. UXTesting’s testers perform the test
  4. You could review the test data once the testers finish

Please contact us or send an email at and we will guide you through this process.