Client FAQ - Getting Started

UXTesting Overview

UXTesting Inc. is an all-in-one User Insight Solution for enterprises to save time to make data-driven decisions and uncover users’ insight with prototypes, website, application on the mobile or desktop devices.

At UXTesting, we provided 3 main solutions:

  1. UXTesting Platform
  2. UXTesting Platforms is a comprehensive and collaborative platform for teams to uncover users’ insight by testing prototypes, websites, applications on mobile and desktop devices.

    Through UXTesting Business Intelligence Technologies and Insight Report, you will be able to unleash the power of research and uncover insights more efficiently than ever before.

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies:
    • Objective data like human emotion detection and voice recognition will be collected to save your time to understand the testers’ behavior unbiasedly.

    • The Insight Report:
    • UXTesting platform will automatically collect both qualitative and quantitative data including session recording video, visualized survey data, and usability metrics like task duration, success rate, issue numbers, and System Usability Scale (SUS) number.

    • Supported:
      • Live Session: Remote Moderated. All team members can join in real-time to see the tester's interaction and navigation with your products.
      • In-Person: Face to Face test. UXTesting enables you to use a single device and UXTesting application to record all the testers’ interaction during your research.
      • Self-Test: Remote Unmoderated test. The Self-Test mode allows you to send your research project to tester and review the data once testers finish the test.
  3. Global Tester Recruitment
  4. UXTesting can help you with tester recruitment so that you can save time and focus on your user research. UXTesting will handle all the logistics including sourcing of the testers, setting up the technology, paying the incentive and scheduling the time with testers, etc.

  5. Happy Diagnosis Program
  6. UXTesting’s professional experts will help you agilely understand the customer experience insight on your own product or your competitor's product within 21 days. We will deliver a detailed synthesis report and testers’ behavior videos for you to see the competition in scope.