The Key Benefits of UXTesting’s Live Solution For Your Organization

At UXTesting, we recently launched a new live testing solution providing our customers the ability to conduct usability testing in real-time. But what is UXTesting’s live solution? In this article, we will dive deeper into the basics of usability testing and the key benefits it can bring to your organization.

Image 1: UXTesting’s Live Testing Solution

First of all, the big question that needs to be addressed is ”What is usability testing?” Usability testing refers to the process of evaluating a certain product or service by testing it among representative users. With UXTesting’s live testing solution, usability testing can be done in real-time in a convenient and easy manner. It works as follows, both the moderator and users can be in different locations but communicate with each other in real-time using a software tool. The moderator helps navigate the user through the testing process while communicating with each other via the software. This can lead to more in-depth and high-quality findings even comparable to in-person testing.

The five key benefits

There are various benefits to conducting live usability testing. Let’s look at five key benefits for your organization as listed below.

Image 2: UI of Live User Testing Solution
1. Gain resourceful insights on your user’s pain points
Live usability testing provides you with in-depth user feedback to easily understand under’s pain points required in order to optimize the user experience. It also enables your company to discover or foresee possible complaints, or issues before launching. Essentially, it also decreases the risk of unwanted errors. 

2. Provides real-time interaction
During live sessions, the moderator and the tester have live interaction with each other. The moderator essentially guides the tester through the testing process by answering potential questions and giving feedback or instructions where necessary. 

3. Adaptable and easy to control
The live presence of the moderator can provide support to simplify tasks and ensure that the quality of the feedback is useful. This way live usability testing can be easily controlled and adaptable throughout the test. The moderator may choose to skip or reorder tasks and ask follow-up questions to go deeper into a certain topic. This makes it very adaptable and easy to control which becomes essential when tasks are quite complicated or challenging to execute. 

4. Time efficiency and budget cost 
Conducting usability testing can be a tedious and time-consuming process. When conducting user research in real-time, it is not only time-efficient but also eliminates unnecessary research costs. There is no need for expensive in-house usability labs. Nowadays, live testing can be done from anywhere in the world making it as simple as scheduling an online meeting. It is also a misconception that live testing only works with a large sample size. Due to the nature of live testing, even with small sample sizes, in-depth user feedback can be collected and further help your development process. 

5. Optimizes Customer Experience giving you a competitive edge in the market
The previously mentioned listing comes all together in this last key benefit. Besides saving time, reducing research costs, gaining valuable insight from users real-time and easily controlled, it can give your organization a competitive edge in the market. It does not only help develop and improve your products or services. In the long run, it also establishes great Customer Experience (CX) that will turn occasional customers into loyal ones. Suffice to say, this means an increase in sales and revenue.

How can UXTesting help you to conduct live moderated testing?

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There are a lot of tasks involved throughout the testing process, from planning, conducting to analyzing data. Our expert team is ready to support you throughout the whole usability testing process. We provide comprehensive all-in-one solutions. From UXTesting’s software platform to Global Tester Recruitment to our Happy Diagnosis Program, we can help your organization with the tools and support you need.

With UXTesting’s software platform, it is easy to conduct usability testing by mobile or desktop devices featuring unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. We collect UX data to generate an insightful report to gather in-depth information on your target users. Our Customer Happiness Index (CHI) can easily tell you how satisfied your users feel. It is also possible to simply download the raw data for further internal analysis.

This article provided useful guidance and the key benefits on when to perform user research in real-time. In case of questions, scheduling a demo or for more information about how UXTesting can help your company, please contact


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting