UXTesting Launches Live Testing Solution to Allow In-depth Customer Insights

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May 11, 2020 - Menlo Park, California - UXTesting, Inc. announced the launch of the new usability testing solution that supports live sessions with your users. UXTesting’s live sessions enable a virtual usability lab to perform a usability test while your testers are in different physical locations. Test participants can be observed in real-time in order to easily gain in-depth and actionable user feedback.  

“UXTesting’s live solution builds on our existing solutions, giving customers different options to conduct user research. Our customers now have the opportunity to either self-test or conduct user research in real-time. Hence, we feel very excited to provide comprehensive all-in-one solutions for cross-border corporates.”

 -  Aldrich Huang, CEO and Co-founder of UXTesting.io

During UXTesting’s live session, colleagues or other projects members can easily join as a moderator or observers. The moderator facilitates the test participant during the entire live session and can provide support in case of a complicated task. Whereas the observers can immediately take notes during the recorded session. 

“For organizations looking for remote solutions, I strongly believe UXTesting’s user insight solution is the best UX partner of integration. UXTesting's Live Solution is not only a communication platform but also improves your research flow to grab the user insight in real-time.”

 -  Andy You, Tech Lead of UXTesting.io

The key benefits of UXTesting’s live solution include:
  • Provide real-time support to the participants
  • Gather in-depth feedback from test participants
  • Test even the most complex digital product
  • Involve key stakeholders in building great user experiences 

UXTesting’s user insight solutions make all of this possible. As such, providing an easy and efficient tool to test your digital products from anywhere in the world. Whether its a prototype, website or app, UXTesting can help optimize your user experience, request professional testers from our global tester pool, and provide consultancy with the Happy Diagnosis Program.

For more information, or further questions or to schedule a demo, contact service@uxtesting.io.

About UXTesting

UXTesting Inc. is the leading user experience (UX) data and insight company, devoted to the optimization of User Experience. They firmly believe that Business Intelligence (BI) provides corporations with unfair market insights and better UX to gain a competitive advantage. With UXTesting’s innovative BI solutions, it is much more efficient and effective to uncover actionable data in the fast-changing industry. To learn more visit https://www.uxtesting.io/, or contact UXTesting on social@UXTesting.io.