Recap Savvy UX Summit 2019: The Leading Experience Summit in Asia

Savvy UX Summit 2019, the leading experience summit in Asia, took place last weekend on the 12th-13th of December in Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by UXTesting Inc., the summit is held annually in a different city to introduce and bring better User Experience (UX) to Asia. With this vision, the Savvy UX Summit aims to raise awareness of the importance of User Experience and build up the “Circular Experience Impact” to support the global UX community. Therefore, UX is not the patent for designers but for all stakeholders.

Image 1: Group photo with all keynote speakers during Conference Day

This year, the summit welcomed a globally diverse attendance of over 22 countries. Event attendance reached over 300+ attendees coming from a wide range of industries including Fintech, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Telecommunication, and Energy. Invited keynote speakers shared their personal insights and industry trends on how “future technology” and data is reshaping User Experience in the fast-changing digital world. The two-day summit consisted of interactive workshops, followed by engaging keynotes on the second day.

First Day: Hands-on Workshop Experience

The first day of the summit featured a full day of hands-on workshops offering attendees to enhance learning by integrating theory and practice. During the day, 10 workshops were hosted by several keynote speakers. Workshops included “Building a Happy Employee Experience” by Julie Kennedy, User Experience Director of Saint-Gobain. Julie’s workshop provided attendees with practical key takeaways to consider how to create successful teams with the right environment and culture to thrive.

Image 2: Attendees during the workshop of Julie Kennedy

Another hands-on workshop hosted was by Dr. Florian Lachner, UX Researcher at Google, on “Uncovering Cross-Cultural Insights: Exploration vs Evaluation”. The workshop introduced several strategies for culturally sensitive UX design with a focus on how to leverage cultural theory. The goal of the workshops was to holistically tackle UX questions that arise from cross-cultural considerations. As Florian mentioned, “When you start designing or developing products, try to think about how people from different countries interact with your products.”

Image 3: Workshop by Dr. Florian Lachner

Multiple other workshops were hosted by industry professionals in which attendees were highly engaged providing an opportunity for interactive learning and network building. Many ideas and experiences were shared among attendees. Workshops provide a great way to stir up the conversation and create meaningful conversations with like-minded and industry peers to grow your business. For every workshop, keynote speakers shared some valuable key takeaways for attendees to take back to their organization.

Image 4: Workshop by Adrian Garcia

Second Day: Full day of Insightful Keynotes

The next day of the Savvy UX Summit consisted of a variety of keynote speeches. Prominent professionals shared their experience on stage. The conference day started off with an excellent keynote talk from Kevin Lee, Chief Product Officer from eBay Korea. At eBay, Kevin oversees the team of design, product, and engineering to drive innovation initiatives and deliver great products to extend the market leadership. In his keynote, Kevin shared about “Scaling Design Impact: Behind The Scenes Stories”. As Kevin discussed, creating design impact at large organizations is not always a simple task. While there is no “silver bullet” approach to make a scalable design impact, it was very interesting to hear some exclusive behind the scenes stories providing insights to take away.

Image 5: Keynote by Kevin Lee

Another talk was given by Aldrich Huang, CEO and Co-Founder of UXTesting as well as the main organizer of the Savvy UX Summit. Aldrich shared the experience impact of AI technology and how to uncover user insights efficiently with several AI data tools. At UXTesting, Aldrich provides corporates with innovative Business Intelligence (BI) tools to gain actionable data. During his keynote, Aldrich showed how emotion detection helps to understand how users feel at a specific moment. Other data tools demonstrated were voice recognition and eye-tracking.

Image 6: Keynote by Aldrich Huang

Gülay Birand, UX Lead and Product Design Manager from Facebook, also joined the event with her keynote on “Path to Product Excellence”. Gülay cares deeply about the consequences of technological advances and works to establish UX as a key player and advocate society in the end to end product lifecycle. During her talk, attendees learned about short and long-term initiatives that create a culture of excellence within organizations.

Image 7: Keynote by Gülay Birand

Many more inspiring talks were shared by speakers including Sudesh Thevasenabathy, Head of Customer Care Transformation from AXA Hong Kong; Paul Farla, SVP of Product and Service Design at Siam Commercial Bank; Jared Huke, CEO of Daito Design; Masahiro Inoue, Professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology, and Ben Sauer, Director of Product at Babylon Health.

As organizers of Asia’s leading experience summit, we aim to improve everyone’s experience. Hence, we provided attendees with the opportunity to ask real-time questions with the conference app. Many questions were raised, and attendees were able to advance their questions to specific conference speakers as well as giving their on-demand feedback. Moreover, during the panel discussion, the most frequently asked questions were publicly discussed creating an interactive and engaging atmosphere.

Image 8: Panel Discussion with Ben Sauer, Dr. Florian Lachner, Gülay Birand, Jared Huke, and Sudesh Thevasenabathy.

The last day officially concluded with an invite-only VIP dinner at the Yao Restaurant & Rooftop bar, which also took place at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse. Here, the conversations continued among attendees and keynote speakers. The evening offered more time to network, build relationships, and share experiences.

Image 9: Invite-only VIP dinner at Yao Restaurant & Rooftop bar

Special thanks to all the attendees, invited keynote speakers, and staff for making this event such a success. We are sincerely grateful for everyone engaged in participation and devotion to Savvy UX Summit. Moreover, we are very thankful for the support from our community partner, HUBBA Thailand; our media partner, Techsauce, and ticketing partner, SoldOutt. Last but not least, we would like to express a big thank you to all our sponsors: Agoda, Grab, Overflow, Fontech, and Dgtl8. With their generous and kind support, we could not have made this event such a success. We truly value their support and look forward to possible partnership in the future.

Image 10: Sponsorship Wall

On behalf of the whole event organizer team, we hope everyone received lots of inspiration, new learnings and build meaningful connections at this year’s summit. We appreciate that everyone coming all the way to Bangkok, Thailand to join us. Lastly, we have received all of your feedback, which we will definitely take into consideration to continuously improve our summit to provide the best value and experience. For more information about the two-day summit, additional featured photos or to be informed about next year’s Savvy UX Summit, visit: The recap video of the summit will also be released soon on the website.

Image 11: Group photo with the organization team and staff/volunteers


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting