5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Savvy UX Summit 2019

Steve Jobs once said, “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology”. Customers nowadays have plenty of choices. They want to use something that fulfill their needs easily, or they will go searching for an alternative. User Experience, or UX for short, is how a person feels when interacting with a product. 

UX is crucial for businesses as users must be able to use the product easily to achieve their goals. Sloppy UX causes frustration and confusion, driving customers away. More and more large organisations have also been acquiring UX firms and adopting UX as part of their key differentiation strategy. Just like Facebook trumped MySpace by providing superior experience and ease of usage, not adopting good UX practices may cause your organisation to be overtaken by competitors. 

Find out more about how your organisation can adopt better UX practises that drives customer loyalty at the Savvy UX Summit 2019. It is happening on the 12th and 13th of December 2019, at the Marriott Hotel The Surawongse in Bangkok, Thailand. The two-day summit is the leading and most insightful UX conference in Asia to showcase the full potential of user experience (UX) in various industries.

Here are 5 reasons why you do not want to skip Savvy UX Summit 2019: 

Savvy UX Summit 2019
#1  Unlocking Global UX Insights with Just 1 Ticket 
The premier UX summit will feature more than 15 insightful talks and 10 hands-on workshops from industry-leading corporates across the globe. Attendees can expect to gain exclusive insights from visionary keynote speakers, put theory into practice during the workshops, and receive countless network opportunities.

Prominent keynote speakers have been confirmed including, Kevin Lee Chief Product Officer of eBay Korea, previously Executive Director and VP of Visa, Gülay Birand, UX Lead and Product Design Manager from Facebook with 4 years of prior experience as a UX Design Manager on Google Cloud Platform, and Dr. Florian Lachner, UX Researcher from Google with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction.

#2  Network With corporate experts and Global UX strategist

With 500+ attendees from diverse professional backgrounds, including Banking, Fintech, Aviation, Insurance and Software, you will be rubbing shoulders with people who matter. 

Last year, 60% of the attendees are corporates and 70% of them are management level and above. This summit is suitable for Managers with Business/ Sales/ Marketing/ Engineering background who are interested in Experience Strategy and would like to know more about Customer Experience and User Experience to help your company successfully grab your customer’s heart.

#3  Show Your Company to Get The Best UX Organisation Awards
This year, Savvy UX Summit will feature The Best UX Organization Awards to honor the organizations that provide the best digital user experience unmatched in the respective industries.

Nominated organizations have the opportunity to represent their brand towards the global outreach of the Savvy UX Summit. With more than 500 visitors across 15 countries, over 100 global corporations and 50 journalists it has extensive press coverage which will elaborate your organization’s placement as a pioneer in its industry. Award-winning organizations are consistently seen as more dependable and reliable, even though consumers may not always consciously aware of this perception.

You can also learn from nominated organisations with exceptional UX practices. It is essential to know what the market UX standards are in order to remain competitive and continue finding ways to grab your user’s heart.

To nominate a company’s product for the Best UX Organization Awards, please fill in the nomination form: http://tiny.cc/UX-Award.

#4  Future World: 2020-2025 UX Trends
In the era of marketing 4.0, focus is drawn away from mere conversion and more focus has been put on humanising experiences and touchpoints. As connected devices become more commonplace on the back of artificial intelligence(AI) and loT, these technologies need to go hand-in-hand with human-to-human connectivity in order to strengthen customer engagement. Designing a positive experience for users have never been more important, and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon.

As the best UX event in Asia, we want to provide you with the secret sauce to customer success now and in the future. With the rise of personalisation, voice activation and biometric authentication, user demands are changing faster than ever. Keep your organisation up-to-speed and discover 2020-2025 UX trends that your company can adopt. 

#5  World Vision, Asia-centered, and Bangkok Only In 2019
Savvy UX Summit is an annual summit held in different countries or regions. If you are based in Thailand or around the regions, do not miss this chance to come down for this insightful conference that is held in Bangkok in 2019 ONLY.

For more information about the two-day summit, ticket ordering, or other inquiries visit https://www.savvyuxsummit.com/.