Solution Update: New Milestone to Understand Customers by Voice!

UXTesting’s voice recognition and sentiment analysis

Customers do no longer base their loyalty on prices, instead, the experience they receive has become a determining factor in brand loyalty. At UXTesting, we help enterprises with Business Intelligence (BI) software to gain valuable and insightful data to improve customer's digital experience by conducting testing with our Customer Happiness Solution.

Today, we are excited to introduce two new features: UXTesting’s voice recognition and sentiment analysis. These new capabilities are significant in part as it is UXTesting’s first foray into Voice User Interfaces (VUI) making conducting usability testing more comprehensive than ever.

What does Voice Recognition mean for UXers?

Understanding the tester’s voice command through voice recognition greatly assists in furthering UX research. This is why we developed voice recognition, now supporting up to six languages. Voice recognition from user tests automatically generates a transcript alongside videos, making reviewing fast and easy. It’s a great time-saving tool to accurately get insights from your user’s video.

Categorize voice commands even more accurately with UXTesting’s sentiment analysis

However, this does not come without challenges. Variation in how people communicate and cultures can have linguistic implications on how voice recognition works. This is where sentiment analysis comes to play. 

Through extensive development, we developed a sentiment analysis; this working alongside with voice recognition helps in categorizing voice commands more accurately. It is capable of reading emotions in the voice of the user, which we so far provided in up to six different languages (supporting both voice recognition and sentiment analysis):

  • English 
  • Chinese, Mandarin (Traditional)
  • German 
  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Portuguese

What does Voice Recognition mean for UXers?

Using voice recognition and sentiment analysis when conducting a remote usability test with UXTesting is very easy! Simply, follow these quick steps:

  1. Try out the feature by first conducting a usability test. 
  2. Select the correct language. 
  3. Click the “speech to text” button and automatically the transcript will be generated via our machine-driven speech recognition.
  4. Choose the specific point of time you want to skim through.
  5. Revise manually any wording if needed. 
  6. Highlight any paragraph you wish to quote or to filter out. 
  7. Your transcript is ready. 

Try Out Voice Recognition and Sentiment Analysis Today

UXTesting’s voice recognition and sentiment analysis are now available. To learn more about these new capabilities, or to schedule a demonstration of UXTesting’s remote testing software, please contact or visit


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting