UXTesting Inc. Announces Official Partnership with HUBBA Thailand and Techsauce in South East Asia

Amarit Charoenphan (Aim) and Aldrich Huang

August 21, 2019 - Menlo Park, California - UXTesting, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with HUBBA Thailand and Techsauce accomplishing a significant milestone in the digital transformation of Asia; this is considered to be the fastest-growing economic region to become a global hub. Together, working as strategic partners, they will build a stronger design and User Experience community including but not limited to Thailand. It will not only boost corporate innovation but also signifies Asia’s business ecosystems as the next frontier of innovation. 

“We are very excited to partner up with HUBBA Thailand and Techsauce,” said Aldrich Huang, CEO of UXTesting. “In today’s fast-changing tech and digital world, partnerships are essential for growth and development. It also provides a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, co-promotion, join hosting and a stepping stone for a deeper impact and understanding in Asia’s innovative tech industry. With our strategic partnership, we will not only leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities but also build a sustainable future together that looks beyond short-term benefits."

Amarit Charoenphan (Aim), Techsauce’s CCO and Co-Founder, as well as Executive Chairman of HUBBA, strongly believes that this partnership will not only build on each other’s experience but also serves a higher purpose in unlocking Asia’s potential for a digital transformation. “With UXTesting’s expertise and skills, combined with our established local Thai and global network, together as partners, we will build meaningful and lasting connections that cultivate successful business ecosystem development in Asia. With these resources in play, the potential becomes limitless and Asia is able to show the world its capacity of innovation.” 

To indicate their commitment to this partnership, HUBBA Thailand and Techauce will also become involved in the organization of UXTesting’s annual Savvy UX Summit, which this year will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Additionally, Charoenphan will be attending the two-day summit as the opening speaker. The Savvy UX Summit 2019 aiming to encourage corporate innovation in Asia, features keynotes from world-class speakers with a global audience of over 500 visitors across 15 countries.

About UXTesting

UXTesting Inc. is the leading user experience (UX) data and insight company, devoted to the optimization of User Experience. They firmly believe that Business Intelligence (BI) provides corporates with unfair market insights and better UX to gain a competitive advantage. With UXTesting’s innovative BI solutions, it is much more efficient and effective to uncover actionable data in the fast-changing industry. To learn more visit https://www.uxtesting.io/, or contact UXTesting on social@UXTesting.io

About HUBBA Thailand and Techsauce

Born as Thailand’s first co-working space, HUBBA grew to become a technology-enabled coworking space chain with a mission to be an "Entrepreneur Growth platform" serving end to end from early stage startups to large conglomerates and multinational corporations. The only Thai partner of Google for Startups, and widely considered the best tech community leader in Thailand, their business is run on a digital platform supported by media and one of Southeast Asia best organized tech conference, Techsauce Global Summit (http://summit.techsauce.co). Through their vibrant physical and online community on their HUBBA Memberships platform, they have hosted over 20,000 members annually from across the world via their series of exclusive events, talk & trainings, hackathon, accelerators and networking events.

Furthermore, they work with over 100+ of the largest local and international corporations in Thailand and government entities including the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Google, Techstars, Muangthai Life, PTT, SCG, TCP (the creators of Red Bull) to create more opportunities for their members to win pilot contracts, raise funding and secure partnerships that will help accelerate their growth. Bridging the gap between startups and enterprise, they enable corporations to work with and like a startup through the development and execution of leading-edge corporate innovation programs, upskilling talent and sourcing new technologies and investment opportunities.

To learn more visit https://www.hubbathailand.com or https://www.techsauce.co, or contact HUBBA on hello@hubbathailand.com.