Discussing UX strategy at InsightX Jakarta Chapter

The best event cannot be successful without an engaged and energetic audience. We feel extremely thankful for our great audience of more than 70+ user experience professionals and practitioners, who enthusiastically attended InsightX Jakarta Chapter. Past months, UXTesting has hosted several UX mini-conferences across South East Asia (SEA), to bring UX practitioners together to share UX insights. For our 5th meetup, which took place on the 3rd of July co-organized with Kumpul Coworking Space, UXTesting traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia. The overarching general theme was “Aligning UX Strategy with Business Goals to Boost Growth”.  Attendees came from differing large-scale corporates, including Telkom Indonesia, Vidio, Bank Danamon, Kompas Gramedia, and Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

Image 1: Event poster InsightX Kuala Lumpur Chapter

At Global InsightX Chapters, UXTesting welcomes professionals from different industries, specifically targeting at C-level executives, managers from corporates and SMB and entrepreneurs who are interested in UX/CX strategy and insights. During these events, we invite outstanding speakers to share their hands-on experiences and insights. Topics will be shared related to experience from diverse aspects, covering Business Strategy, UX Strategy, Industry Trends to Data-driven Design. In addition to the lightning talks from our invited speakers, a panel discussion will be held giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions, share and exchange knowledge and ideas.

The evening kicked off with the first lightning talk by Stevanus Christopel, VP, Head of Design & UX at OVO. He is an experienced leader in Design and the UX industry. His design leadership role started out at Tokopedia where he successfully led Design System & DesignOps initiatives to improve the UX culture & collaboration between hundreds of designers & engineers. Currently, he works as VP, Head of Design & UX at OVO and manages the design team to bring the best fin-tech experience in Indonesia. His lightning talked covered: “How to grow UX culture in a business-driven company”. Stevanus shared an inspirational quote that perfectly reflects the message of his talk by Erika hall: “You can optimize everything and still fail because you have to optimize the right things. That’s where reflection and qualitative approaches come in”. In addition, Stevanus discussed the UX Maturity model as a tool to improve collaboration with the UX team in organizations.

Image 2: Imam Rachmadi, Aldrich Huang, Stevanus Christopel, and Arnold Saputra

For the second speaker, we heartwarmingly welcomed Arnold Saputra, head of UX at Gramedia as soon taking a new position as Senior Manager of UX at Go-Jek. His talk tackled: “How to trailblaze first omni-channel with a UX mindset”. Starting off, Arnold used his experience at Gramedia to show the audience some of the challenges he faced and the problems he solved as head of UX. Drawing from his professional experience he shared five practical tips to trailblaze your own project. One of which is taking a more holistic approach and not solely think from a design perspective.

Next up, Aldrich Huang – our CEO and Co-Founder of UXTesting –  talked about: “How to integrate UX into company strategy and create UX management plan”. To be able to integrate UX into company strategy, it’s important to focus first on your target audience. As Aldrich sharply pinpointed: “Truly knowing your customers is about exposing their unmet needs and that involves careful listening”. Also, not to forget, understanding your business and customer needs is vital to identify the company’s competitive advantages as well as its weaknesses. Moreover, a good insightful tip Aldrich shared, is to bring an abstract strategy to a more concrete surface. In other words, try to provide a big picture of all aspect of design. The last part of Aldrich’s talk covered a remote unmoderated user test performed with UXTesting’s software, which uncovers user insights in the most advanced way. UXTesting has recently announced the launch of a brand-new mobile app for Android and iOS and a whole new Chrome extension to make remote testing efficient and easier for your participants. Read here more about remote usability testing with the optimized mobile apps or with the browser extension.

Image 3: Group picture with all attendees, speakers, and panelists

After inviting three industry speakers to the stage, who each discussed different aspects of UX, the evening continued with the panel discussion. In the panel discussion, we encouraged attendees to ask questions they might have. It was intriguing to see such an energetic audience eager to ask questions to specific panel speakers. Some of the questions that were asked, included: “How do you make collaboration between the UX team and other teams in the organization?”, “How do u define Objectives and Key Results (OKR)”, “Who should participate to create OKR?”, and “What is the value (the ‘why’) of UX in a business?”. Even though very different questions were brought up, many of the attendees seemed to be specifically interested to know how to create a UX culture and how to communicate the business value of having a dedicated UX team in your organization. The panel also spoke about how to communicate the value of UX to your peers, who might not be familiar with UX.

Image 4: Panel discussion

The evening concluded with an opportunity to network with other attendees as well as the four industry experts. All in all, it has again been such an amazing experience to host another UX event in SouthEast Asia. Each and every time we also get inspired by having such engaging and committed crowd bringing their own UX insights and sharing their experience. Attendees commented to have received “very good insights” and “it changed my perspective about UX”. Some attendees also mentioned to us, they would have loved to see this turn into a regular meet up as they feel a lack of UX meetups or communities in Indonesia.

We also want to take the time to thank our gracious venue hosts, Kumpul Coworking Space. The event took place in Ruang & Tempo, one of the co-working locations offered by them. Starting off as a community-based coworking space in Bali, Kumpul has expanded into coworking management brand with various spaces in Indonesia.

Image 5: Attendees are networking

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Lastly, we hope we can invite more talented Indonesian to become a part of our global family at UXTesting. If you’re interested in the details, review the links below:
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