Bringing UX to the forefront at InsightX Kuala Lumpur Chapter

Last week UXTesting visited Kuala Lumpur to host the 4th InsightX Chapter. For this UX/CX event, the topic featured was User-Centric Strategy: how to increase business efficiency and ROI. The event took place on the 25th of June from 6.30PM - 9.30PM at WORQ KL Gateway. We were overjoyed to have welcomed so many interested Malaysians for InsightX. More specifically, we received more than 70 sign-ups. Attendees came from large corporations from various industries including, Astro Malaysia Holdings, Telekom Malaysia, Accenture, S.W.I.F.T. SCRL, and Enterprise Asia. We are very touched to get so many positive feedback, with attendees commenting to have received “powerful insights”, “better understanding what UX means and what it can do” and “learned about different aspects of UX”. The event certainly met all expectations.

Image 1: Event poster InsightX Kuala Lumpur Chapter

At Global InsightX Chapters, UXTesting welcomes professionals from different industries, specifically targeting at C-level executives, managers from corporates and SMB and entrepreneurs who are interested in UX/CX strategy and insights. During these events, we invite outstanding speakers to share their hands-on experiences and insights. Topics will be shared related to experience from diverse aspects, covering Business Strategy, UX Strategy, Industry Trends to Data-driven Design. In addition to the lightning talks from our invited speakers, a panel discussion will be held giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions, share and exchange knowledge and ideas.

It's certainly worth noting that the event was made possible in collaboration with our community partner, WORQ Coworking & Office Space, who generously provided us with the venue. With several locations in Malaysia, WORQ can provide you with a great workplace as well as a venue to host an event or meeting.

Image 2: Raymond Thian, Shafiu Hussain, Aldrich Huang, and Robert Huang

Like our previous insightX Chapters, we started off by inviting our three industry experts to the stage one by one. Each speaker tackled a different UX topic, giving the audience local insight into various aspects of UX. As Aldrich, our CEO of UXTesting mentioned during the event, “UX is nothing new, it’s a solution provider. Especially in this digital century, knowing how to use technology to grab user insights is key for UX practitioners to keep up with the fast-moving tech world”.

The first speaker we invited to the stage was Shafiu Hussain, Head of Product Design at Mindvalley. Shafiu is also co-creator of LottieFiles which is used by over tens of thousands of designers across the world. In his lightning talk, he discussed how “Bad design can affect business performance”. Shafiu explained the importance to treat your user as human as possible when building a product. As the majority of the attendees were UI/UX designer, 27% of the audience to be exact, it was captivating to see how engaged everyone was in Shafiu’s talk. This also came forward during the panel discussion. Shafiu received various UX design specific questions from the audience.

Next up, Raymond Thian is the UX Lead at Celcom Axiata. He previously worked at IBM IX and has over 13 years of experience in design and human-computer interaction, across research and design practices. Raymond addressed a “UX Strategy for Business”. In his talk, he explained how to align different product teams around a shared product vision. This becomes increasingly important to help teams maintain consistency across UX touchpoint, features, and devices so that users are always connected and have a frictionless experience. He further continued explaining UX strategy by using a practical framework for people to follow and apply in their business.

The evening continued with the last talk from our CEO of UXTesting, Aldrich Huang. He discussed how to “Make corporates successful with an experience-driven mindset and strategic business decisions”. For Aldrich, UX is not only part of the design, but it also is the key to increasing business to business satisfaction, reducing communication costs and improving efficiency. For organization, a good user experience it not only essential to bring in customers and clients with high brand loyalty, but it also establishes a higher competition threshold.

Image 3: Lightning talk, Aldrich Huang

After the lightning talks, the panel discussion “Data-driven design for experience” followed. It was inspiring to see how engaged the attendees were with the panel speakers. Notes were taken, experiences were shared and many questions were raised. Attendees were especially curious how each panelist got into the UX industry and what motivated them to work in this field.

One of the panel questions explained, that the audience particularly were invested in, was about using ROI and other metrics to persuade clients to undergo web revamp and improve web design. Another question that followed out of this discussion, from a UX designer perspective, was how to convince organizations that they are using a “bad” design and how to show them there is still room for improvement.

In addition, many UX theory related questions were asked such as, “Why is User Experience strategy essential to good business?”, “How do you develop a UX strategy by leveraging the understanding of data, design and customer experience?”, and “How to cultivate a UX mindset in the organization?”

Image 4: Panel discussion

To conclude, it has been such a pleasure to host another very successful global meetup in Southeast Asia. Again, special thanks to all the industry experts, Raymond, Shafiu, Robert, and our local community partner WORQ Coworking & Office Space. We have enjoyed hosting this UX meetup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s been inspiring to see so many local Malaysian discussing and share also their UX insights.

For our upcoming global UX event in South East Asia, UXTesting will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia. This time we have partnered up with community partner Kumpul Coworking Space. Feel free to join us on July 3rd, 2019 from 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM at Ruang & Tempo. Reservation is required to attend this meetup.

Image 5: Group picture with all attendees, speakers, and panelists

We hope we can invite more talented Malaysians to become a part of our global family at UXTesting.
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