Software Updates : Usability testing made easier for testers

Testing on mobile with direct testing links, and a browser extensions for desktop testing

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  • Test faster on Android with a direct testing link instead of a testing code.
  • Test any native app on iOS with the ability to record everything on the device
  • Test on MacOS and Windows with a new Chrome extension and a direct link.

Remote unmoderated usability testing helps you quickly gain user insights and validate software iterations. For four years and counting, UXTesting is proud to have helped enterprises solve their remote testing needs.

Now UXTesting is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new mobile app for Android and iOS and a whole new Chrome extension to make remote testing just a little easier for your participants.


To test with the optimized iOS and android apps, you only need to share a direct testing link with your participants. 

One click of the link launches the UXTesting app, starts your usability test, and guides your participants through your research with tips, surveys, and clear instructions per activity. 

With the updated mobile apps, your test participants mark any task as completed successfully or simply give up and continue with the research. 

UXTesting’s iOS app will make testing native apps possible on iPhones with the feature to record outside the UXTesting app, letting you test iOS apps just as you are used to testing native apps on Android.

To test native iPhone apps; simply start your test in the UXTesting app, select UXTesting in your iPhone’s screen recorder, go to the app to be tested and conduct the test, then return to the UXTesting app to continue with the research.


UXTesting’s new browser extension for Google Chrome turns a complicated installation process of the recording software in simply adding the UXTesting extension to your browser and clicking on the direct testing link to start testing. The Chrome extension will guide your test participants through your research, lets you ask survey questions, and lets your testers choose between completing a task successfully or simply giving up and moving on with the research; while recording both your participant and everything on their screen.

These improved testing apps and browser extensions will make conducting your research easier for your participants and decrease tester errors.

The Android app with direct link testing, the iOS app supporting native app testing, and the browser extension will all launch this month.

Until then, Try remote testing with a direct testing link on iOS or native app testing on Android for two weeks completely free on UXTesting.

To learn more about remote usability testing with the optimized mobile apps or with the browser extension, or to schedule a demonstration of UXTesting’s remote testing software: please contact UXTesting on or with the green chat function on the bottom right.


Ivo Bout
Business Development at UXTesting