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On April 23rd, UXTesting visited Bangkok to hold the second global InsightX meetup in South East Asia. In collaboration with our local community partner Amarit Charoenphan, CEO and Co-Founder of HUBBA Thailand as well as Co-Founder of Techsauce, we welcomed 80+ attendees to this meetup. Overall the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees commenting “Beyond my expectations” and “Would love to see this grow into a bigger meetup”. Attendees came from varying industries working for corporates including Agoda, Siam Cement Group (SCG), Bangkok Bank, Bank of Ayudya, King Power and many more.

Image 1: Event poster InsightX Bangkok Chapter

At Global InsightX Chapters, UXTesting welcomes professionals from different industries, specifically targeting at C-level executives, managers from corporates and SMB and entrepreneurs who are interested in UX/CX strategy and insights. During these events, we invite outstanding speakers to share their hands-on experiences and insights. Topics will be shared related to experience from diverse aspects, covering Business Strategy, UX Strategy, Industry Trends to Data-driven Design. In addition to the lightning talks from our invited speakers, a panel discussion will be held giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions, share and exchange knowledge and ideas.

InsightX Bangkok Chapter started off with a heartwarming welcome introduction from Amarit Charoenphan, CEO of HUBBA Thailand. HUBBA is Thailand’s 1st and largest growing coworking space and community. As our community partner, Amarit graciously provided the venue space HUBBA-TO, On Nut.

Image 2: Win Indarangkura Na Ayudhaya, Apirut Vanchaam, Paul Farla, Aldrich Huang, Amarit Charoenphan and Jeffrey Huang

The evening continued with an insightful first lightning talk from Win Indarangkura Na Ayudhaya on “The role of business leaders in a good UX strategy”. Win discussed the greatest challenges UX teams face today. Surprisingly to hear, UX leadership and UX management itself appears to be the most challenging issue for UX teams nowadays. This comes right back to Win’s main topic, where he further addresses how business leaders can resolve this problematic issue. It was a very enlightening talk as he gave four practical recommendations for business leaders to follow. Commonly asked questions about UX were immediately addressed and answered. Starting with how to define the right UX strategy, building a culture, creating the right environment and how to become more data-driven.

Thereafter, the floor was given to Paul Farla, who is SVP of Service Design at Siam Commercial Bank. Paul shared “5 tips to use UX mindset to get more customers and boost ROI”. Needless to say, his insights are extremely useful for every business seeking to boost their ROI. However, the overarching message to take home shortened in one sentence is: “Staying close to your customer, means staying close to your business success”.

Aldrich Huang, our CEO of UXTesting discussed “Why enterprises should know Marketing 4.0 and the key to user experience strategy”. Aldrich further explored the importance of UX and explained to the audience why UX is vital for the success in Marketing 4.0.

Image 3: Lightning talk, Aldrich Huang

Shortly after the lightning talks, the panel discussion followed, providing an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and voice their opinion. We were honored that two additional panelists joined the discussion, namely Apirut Vanchaam, Chief Digital Officer at SCG and Jefferey Huang, CEO and Co-founder of Ugotit Studio and a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of gamification.

It was rewarding to see that all the attendees were highly engaged and eager to raise questions in regard to the UX industry, including “What’s next for the UX industry: where are we heading and what’s pushing us forward?”, “How to improve the employee experience” and “What is CX? And how does it relate to UX?”. Also, country-specific questions were asked such as “Do you think companies in Thailand pay more attention to UX these days? Or are they still operating in a traditional way?”.

Image 4: Panel discussion, Apirut Vanchaam

All in all, without any hesitation it can be stated that InsightX Bangkok Chapter has been a very successful evening full of inspiration and knowledge sharing. On behalf of the whole UXTesting team, many thanks to our speakers, Win, Paul, and panelists Apirut and Jeffrey. Also, special thanks to our local community partner Amarit. We truly hope everyone has enjoyed the meetup.

As we continue to hold global UX meetups in South East Asia, we are very delighted to inform that UXTesting will be going to Manila, the Philippines. The event will be held on the 21st of May from 6.30PM-9.30PM (PT) at Acceler8 Legaspi. Reserve your seat if you want to attend this meetup.

Image 5: Group photo with all attendees, speakers, and panelists

We hope we can invite more talented Thai to become a part of our global family at UXTesting.
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CEO at @uxtestingio