Software Update: Codeless Testing for iOS

Remote unmoderated user testing, made easy

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

  • Test faster on iOS with a direct link, instead of a testing code.
  • Codeless testing for Android coming soon.

The joy of unmoderated user testing is that it helps you validate your idea and designs quickly on a diverse group of participants, while saving your team time.

UXTesting expanded on this idea and works to make remote unmoderated testing easier for your participants, more insightful for your team, and more effective to analyze for your researcher.

With a new iPhone app, UXTesting is making this one step easier.

Your participant can start testing with just the click of a button with UXTesting’s new iOS app.

Set up your research and invite your participants on UXTesting’s website in mere minutes.

Your participants will receive an email with instructions on how to start and perform the test, and a link sending them straight to your research in the UXTesting app.

You can immediately watch them do the test and their screen after they complete the research.

With specific tasks and surveys before and after each task, you can ensure that your participants exanimate the designs you want to research and ask the questions you need answered at key times in the research.


Try remote testing with the new iOS app for two weeks for free.

Codeless testing for Android is coming soon.

To learn more about remote user testing on the new iOS app, or to schedule a demo of UXTesting’s remote testing software; please contact UXTesting on or the chat function on the bottom right.