UXTesting will share the latest innovations in UX date-driven design at the World Usability Congress

AUSTRIA, 10th-20th OCTOBER 2018



UXTesting states that Aldrich Huang, CEO and co-founder of UXTesting, will visit Austria today, along with his European team of professionals. He will be staying there from the 10th of October to the 20th of October, 2018 and will give a keynote speech at the World Usability Congress, which is taking place on the 18th of October, 2018. Huang will be speaking on behalf of UXTesting, and will be discussing cross-continental business through UX data-driven design.

During this session, Huang will be sharing some of UXTesting’s new strategies and innovative developments, which were developed to allow them to stay ahead of their competition. Furthermore, Huang will be discussing the changes and innovations the user experience industry will experience in the future. Anyone who is interested in the discussion, or wants to find out more about the company or UX testing should send us an email or attend the session in Austria!

“We focus on the creation of a better experience for users; and it is an important task for us to listen to the voice of every user, analyze their reactions, and provide them a more delightful online experience,” Huang explained referring to UX and UX testing. “Our innovative remote usability testing platform analyzes the data from users to get objective results. Enterprises in over 25 countries use our services to make data-driven decisions, create a better online experience for their customers, and increase their online revenue. And yet they still see their usability research cost drop by as much as seventy percent” he further added.

The World Usability Congress is Europe's biggest congress for Usability & User Experience, which will be hosting over forty world-class speakers and industry experts from all over the northern hemisphere. The conference is all set to take place in Graz, Austria, from 16th to 18th October, 2018. The speakers will be presenting their ideas, techniques, predictions, and insight along with supporting statistical data. The sessions will focus on the developments in and the effectiveness of user experience in Automotive and Aviation, Software Development, Design Experiences, and UX management in an application-oriented, economic and holistic approach. Together these peerless speakers will present an unforgettable event, bringing the World Usability Congress to the global platform.

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About UXTesting:
UXTesting Inc. is the leading US-based user experience (UX) company in the world. They are devoted to the optimization of user experience and are firm believers that better UX, leads to happier users and more profitable customers. With our innovative platform, conducting repeatable remote UX research and gathering effective reliable data, becomes cheaper, faster, and easier than ever before.