Super Dispatch - A success story: Interview with its Products Designer

Image1: Super Dispatch and UXTesting co-branding image

UX Testing is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Super Dispatch. Super Dispatch is an innovative mobile platform that helps transport companies to eliminate paperwork. The platform will help manage fleets, track shipments, simplifies the billing process, avoids false damage claims, and reduce overall claims by up to 40%. The truck drivers are paid faster, and facilitate communication between its users.

Another milestone for Super Dispatch is securing a spot in the Sprint Accelerator, managed by Techstars[1]; a promising startup among ten young businesses moving to the accelerator in Kansas[2].

Image2: Website of Super Dispatch

An interactive Q&A session with Web and Mobile products Designer Nodir Khalilov at Super Dispatch revealed that the success his team have achieved by collaborating with UXTesting. Khlilov led a team of dedicated professionals, responsible for handling information and using this information correctly to take the company on the road to success.

Image3: Nodir Khalilov, Web Designer at Super Dispatch

Why do you need remote testing solutions like UXTesting?

Truck drivers around the country relies on using Super Dispatch. With little time to spare they rely on using an innovative system that’s fast and efficient. Truck drivers spend most of their time driving. The focus of their job is to help the cargo reach its destination.

Establishing a successful communication system with the truck drivers is essential, because they are constantly on the move, it’s hard for them to communicate. One of the biggest challenge they face is driving and operating devices to communicate. The drivers needs to have system for better communication.  Drivers need a system that allows them to take photos they need to take pictures, get signatures, and access maps.

There is a plenty of miscommunication occurring among the customer, the pickup contact, the broker, the dispatcher, the driver and the owner. Owners and drivers blame the brokers; brokers blame dispatchers, and dispatchers get completely frustrated because nobody answered the phone or took time to call them back.

There are hundreds of ways for improving the issue in order to make the processes run more smoothly. The good news is – Super Dispatch software can be a great help!

Image4: Super Dispatch app and bill of lading

That is why it is essential for Super Dispatch to implement remote testing system. Such a system will as it helps test the usability of the product with the customers, to make the life of the dispatcher, owner, and car hauler easier while they are on the road. It’s essential for the app needs to work flawlessly, the app  must be user-friendly, reduce errors, improve communication, and time saving. Time is very important for all businesses and to assure this, in-depth user experience testing is vital.

Image5: Additional image added for effect. Photo on Unsplash

How do you conduct remote testing with your testers by UXTesting? How about the experience?

It is important to understand how a customer feel when interacting with a digital product. It is essential to know if they have knowledge of how to interact with it and if they enjoy that interaction or not. UXTesting has been a great asset to us because it helps deepen and improve the user experience.

The platform itself is easy to use and has streamlined the user experience, allowing us to conduct frequent research. Users can now easily uncover any unexpected pain-points or areas needing improvement as UXTesting provides an in-depth user-behavior analysis report.

From the first sketch to the final product, how something works should be considered at every step of the way. With UXTesting we can test design prototypes before building new features, test our finished product and ensure it is ready for launch.

Which features of UXTesting do you like the most?

We use UXTesting to learn about our customers’ preferences and to understand what features are working and what could be improved in existing and proposed designs. In this process, tools like a Post-Survey, a Task Survey and Emotion Detection really help us to improve the usability of Super Dispatch products.

Task Surveys allows to create a clearly defined task. With Post-Survey, we can learn whether the product is well suited to the task, and how it might be improved. It’s possible to gather more information and get deep insights into tester’s heads after they finish all previously assigned tasks. A System Usability Scale (SUS) enables us to measure the user-satisfaction, the usability of product, and to understand the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the app.

Image7: Task Survey feature of UXTesting

By providing emotion detection technology, UXTesting prevents negative emotions and attitudes in the final products. It assists to understand and learn from user insights by using modern technology as artificial intelligence technology. It’s invaluable for Super Dispatch to test emotions before putting these products on the market so we know whether these experiences are getting users excited or not. This is a real game changer.

Super Dispatch can now test how users feel before we put a digital asset in the market and use it to test prototypes and interestingly to test competitors.

Image8: Emotion Detection feature of UXTesting

What is the expression of UXTesting in your mind?

UXTesting has an outstanding customer service. Their team is doing great as it is giving priority to the customers and helping designers like me to improve the design process and usability of prototypes. We could get an unlimited free trial for 14 days. It was immediately apparent that UXTesting was the remote testing solution that we have been looking for so long and Super Dispatch will keep using it in the future. The UXTesting team provided a great support in product and testing related questions.

Quote in your mind to talk about design or UX

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs

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