Day 3 - What you can expect to learn from our speakers at Savvy UX Summit 2021!

Savvy UX Summit is the leading User Experience (UX) and insight conference hosted by Last year the event brought together over 1,500 attendees from over 70 different countries in one virtual space. In 2021, Savvy UX Summit will take place for the fourth time. During which invited keynote speakers will be sharing their personal insights and industry trends that are reshaping the User Experience industry.

This article introduces invited keynotes speakers for our third and final day at Savvy UX Summit 2021, and provides you with an overview on what you can expect to learn. For more information about our first and second day, read our previous two articles.

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Jonathan Shariat
Interaction Designer at Google

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During the third day at Savvy UX Summit 2021, you will first meet Jonathan Shariat. Jonathan currently works as Interaction Designer at Google. Besides his job at Google, Jonathan is also the co-author of Tragic Design published by O'Reilly. Moreover, he co-hosts the Design Review podcast.

Have you ever thought of your counterparts: “Ugh, why won’t they listen to me?!” The truth is, they’re thinking the exact same thing! In Jonathan’s keynote session, you will explore the goals, needs, and vocabulary used by designers, engineers, and product managers to equip each other for collaborating effectively together.

Tom Lorusso
Principal User Research Lead at Xbox, Microsoft

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Next up, Tom Lorusso, Principal User Research Lead, will take the virtual stage. Tom works at Xbox, Microsoft where he and his team are focused on games and gaming experiences across the entire Xbox ecosystem and Windows. Tom has been working in games for over 9 years, with 20 years of total experience in the User research field. He has been a researcher on phones, operating systems and portable ultrasound. Tom and the User Research team for Xbox Experiences tackle a variety of research questions for areas including social gaming, community, monetization, communication, cross platform gaming, video consumption, accessibility and inclusivity and of course, designing engaging games.

From Tom’s keynote you will learn more about UX Strategy. His keynote is titled “From Funnel to Megaphone: 5 Lessons Learned for Broader Impact through Strategic Thinking in UX”. As we look to level up our impact and our own careers, we hear the same thing over and over again - think more strategically. And while thinking strategically is important, the statement itself can be vague and difficult to operationalize. At Tom’s talk you will learn 5 practical tools to thinking more strategically in User Research and UX. Each tool comes with a real world example, born from over 20 years of experience in the User Research discipline at Xbox and Microsoft. Viewers will leave this talk with new ways of thinking to help build their group's influence and help raise the discipline as a whole.

Onkardeep Singh MBE
Senior UX/UI designer at Three UK

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Continuing with our next keynote speaker, Onkardeep Singh MBE. Onkardeep works as Senior UX/UI designer at Three UK. He has had a decade of experience as a User Experience and Visual Designer and has worked for small and multinational organisations in the UK and abroad. Onkardeep is also the founder of a UX Meetup community group for beginners based in London, but which is open for anyone to join worldwide.

Onkardeep will share in his keynote more about UX research methodology talking specifically about “Alpha testing with UX at its heart - UK Teleco case study”. During this keynote you will learn how to run an effective Alpha research project. Often Beta testing is given a lot of importance but there tends not to be that much information on how to run effective Alpha testing which should come first. These are becoming more common now as they can save a lot of money and time later down the line. Onkardeep dives deeper into a specific case study from a leading UK telco around the recent legal change required by all telcos to allow easier switching between networks. This is known as Auto Switching.

Dynin Khem
Director of Design at Agoda

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Another keynote speaker this year is Dynin Khem, Director of Design at Agoda. He built and led the product design organization of 50 designers responsible for all consumer-facing products, supply-side products, and enterprise tools. Previously, he spent many years working on hush-hush stuff at Amazon (Fire Phone, Fire Tablet, Amazon Echo).

During his keynote talk “Connecting Design Health to Business Value”. Relating back to this year’s summit theme “Beyond the Product”, it becomes evident that the whole experience matters greatly. This goes beyond the product experience. However it's something that does not always align with the product teams, which are usually laser focused on a KPI target. This usually falls on the Design and Research team ability to bring in holistic insights but also to drive influence by leveraging the insights. You will learn how Dynin and his team tackle this challenge by sharing their success stories.

Aprajit Kar
Group Design Head - Consumer Platforms at Gojek

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Last up, you will meet Aprajit Kar. Aprajit works as a design leader for Gojek's consumer platform, and is responsible for all the end to end experiences that make it a super app. He works with other product, design, research & engineering leadership to shape the vision and strategy for the platform teams to enable efficiency at the business unit levels like transport, food, etc. At Gojek, the teams are driven by a value-entered design approach and Aprojit’s responsibility is to help guide the teams to deliver that while being enabled by processes & guided by principles.

Aprijit will talk about “Unpacking CX metrics” in his keynote. The intersection of design & data is unique and intriguing. It is where mysteries unfold by allowing us to keep a peek into the customer's journey through the experience. The talk will focus on the aspect of finding the right mix of attitudinal & behavioural data to unravel the metrics of customer experience in today's design world.

We hope you are excited as we are to join the third and final day with our five speakers. For more information about our summit, and to order tickets, visit A ticket will provide you access to the full 3-day event including all video recordings for a month. For queries about group tickets or other questions, please contact us at


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