Day 2 - What you can expect to learn from our speakers at Savvy UX Summit 2021!

Savvy UX Summit is the leading User Experience (UX) and insight conference hosted by Last year the event brought together over 1,500 attendees from over 70 different countries in one virtual space. In 2021, Savvy UX Summit will take place for the fourth time. During which invited keynote speakers will be sharing their personal insights and industry trends that are reshaping the User Experience industry.

This article introduces invited keynotes speakers for our second day at Savvy UX Summit 2021, and provides you with an overview on what you can expect to learn. For more information about our first day, read our previous article here.

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Matthew MacLaurin
Program Management at Microsoft

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To start off the second day, Matthew MacLaurin from Microsoft will take the virtual stage. Matthew works as Program Management where is doing early stage work on AI and UI authoring. Previously, he worked at PlayStation taking on the role as Vice President Product Design. He has founded a design agency, written high performance animation systems in C++ for console titles, authored more than 60 granted patents, and run multiple 100+ person design teams, most recently the UX team that created the PlayStation 5.

The design of the original Macintosh was very different from the design of the Nest thermostat, the Facebook App, and the PlayStation 5. As products and cultures evolve, what design asks of its practitioners must evolve too. This will be further discussed in Matthew’s keynote session titled “The Next Era of UI Design”.

Benjamin Kuhn
Senior Manager UX/UI Design at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

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The next speaker we are excited to introduce is Benjamin Kuhn. Benjamin is Senior Manager UX/UI Design at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America. After holding roles as UI/UX designer at BMW Group Design and global design agencies in Germany he moved to California with the mission to build and grow a brand-new UX team at Mercedes. The team is embedded in the global Mercedes-Benz design process while maintaining the flexibility and creativity of a startup.

In his talk “A holistic approach to automotive experience design”, Benjamin will give an overview of the state of automotive UI design in general and in particular how the classic design process is transforming into a more integrated and holistic approach. New trends and technologies are informing the collaboration between designers, engineers and researchers while successful teams will increasingly have to strike the right balance between a highly specialized skill set and the trust in their own instincts. Only a holistic approach can leverage all relevant aspects of the experience and orchestrate the vast amount of functions the vehicle has to offer.

Aldrich Huang
CEO and Co-founder of UXTesting

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The third speaker during the second day at Savvy UX Summit, is our CEO and Co-founder of UXTesting as well as main organizer of this annual summit. Aldrich is also an International Board Member at User Experience Quality Certification Center (UXQCC), Mentor at User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). With several years of working experience in the field of legal, business development, and customer experience, he firmly believes that better user experience will bring joy to the users.

Aldrich will talk about “From Individual UX designer to scale the UX team – the key sauce of ResearchOps”. In this keynote, Aldrich will share some tips on how to group your alliances in your organization. Further, he will go over the importance of Research Operation in order to scale and fasten your research team to fit in the rapid evolution of the product and agile methods including UX and development that many corporate uses.

Shiran Bloch
Director of Product Design at foodpanda APAC
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Continuing forward with Shiran Bloch, Director of Product Design at Foodpanda APAC.
Supported by a team of talented individuals from multiple disciplines including design, research, writing and engineering, Shiran’s mission is to create a beautiful experience for hungry users across multiple regions. With over 10 years of design and leadership experience, she leads her team in crafting intuitive solutions for real issues, while using qualitative and quantitative data to help support design and business decisions.

Interested to learn about UX leadership? Join Shiran’s keynote about “Career Management - Who's Job is it Anyways?” In the past organisations used to own career development for their employees. There was only one route offered and if you keep your head down, work hard and long enough, you'll get promoted. That is obviously no longer the case, and yet, many people would consider Career Management as the manager's job. The reality is that we can’t develop others’ careers for them. In this talk Shiran explores the roles and responsibilities for career management, while sharing examples from the career journey creation process he went through at foodpanda design.

Haoting Chang
Design Lead at Public Digital Innovation Space, Taiwan Government

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Haoting is the design lead in Public Digital Innovation Space in Taiwan government, experienced in formulating design decisions for solving complex problems by using user-centered design and research skills. Public Digital Innovation Space is an innovation lab in the central government in Taiwan. In her role as Design Lead, Haoting has been exploring design in Europe and Asia, having the opportunities to enrich products, services, and now engagement and collaboration with design.

Learn about UX in Government from Haoting’s keynote. During her talk titled “People, Government and Design in Taiwan“, Haoting introduces how we engage people and the government with design in various projects, methods, and how design has transformed the way to engage with the public affair.

Christie Lenneville
Vice President of User Experience at Gitlab

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Next up, Christie Lenneville will take the virtual stage. She works as Vice President of User Experience at Gitlab. For most of her career, Christie has crafted experiences for developer-focused tools. Her goal is to bring delight to the tools we "have" to use to get our jobs done.

During her talk, Christie will discuss “Designing for and with Developers”. Don't let anyone tell you that Developers "don't care" about user experience. Most do! Often passionately. In this keynote, Christie will talk about what developers can expect from great user experience in their work tools. She will also provide her insight to experience around how UX designers can work more effectively with their own development teams in order to create great products.​

Billal Qureshi
Head of Mobile and Apps at Google Canada

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The last speaker for this day is Billal Qureshi. He is currently working as Head of Mobile and Apps at Google Canada. He started at Google Canada over 10 years ago and now leads their Mobile Experiences practice working with clients across mWeb and App. In his role, Billal is responsible for helping Canada's largest advertisers navigate the intimidating world of mobile.

In Billal’s keynote “Why Mobile User Experience Matters'', you will learn more about UX strategy. The keynote will walk through why it matters now more than ever for companies to invest in good mobile experiences across both mWeb and app.

We hope you are excited as we are to join our seven speakers. Make sure to stay tuned to learn about our next six speakers on the third and final day of Savvy UX Summit. For more information about our summit, and to order tickets, visit A ticket will provide you access to the full 3-day event including all video recordings for a month. For queries about group tickets or other questions, please contact us at


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting