Day 1 - What you can expect to learn from our speakers at Savvy UX Summit 2021!

Savvy UX Summit is the leading User Experience (UX) and insight conference hosted by Last year the event brought together over 1,500 attendees from over 70 different countries in one virtual space. In 2021, Savvy UX Summit will take place for the fourth time. During which invited keynote speakers will be sharing their personal insights and industry trends that are reshaping the User Experience industry.

This article introduces invited keynotes speakers for our first day at Savvy UX Summit 2021, and provides you with an overview on what you can expect to learn.

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Kiyo Yamauchi
Senior Director, Custom Research at MarketCast (Ex-Head of User Experience at Twitter Japan)

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To kick off the first day, Kiyo Yamauchi from MarketCast will talk about “Researching in Japan”. Kiyo currently works as Senior Director, Custom Research where he is responsible for experience researching tech and gaming brands. Previously, Kiyo worked as Head of User Experience at Twitter Japan. During his six years at Twitter, Twitter’s User base in Japan increased from 29M (monthly active users) to 50+M. This success came from rigorous research tailored to Japanese research participants, culture, and unique needs.

During his keynote Kiyo will share his expertise about the User Experience industry in Japan. There are many international companies trying to succeed in Japan. User experience research done locally with local people in mind brings steps closer to this goal. After attending Kiyo’s keynote, you will gain important tips in successfully conducting UX research in Japan and other markets.

Dr. Eva Deckers
Director Data Enabled Design at Philips

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After Kiyo’s keynote, the day will continue with a session hosted by Dr. Eva Deckers. As Director Data Enabled Design at Philips she leads a team of designers that are at the cutting edge of integrating design, data and AI. With the team she sets out to explore and deliver solutions that deliver on the promise of precise and personalized care. Eva holds a PhD in the field of human-centered AI and translates her ideas into the health technology context. Contributing to the transformation of healthcare, making steps towards Value Based Healthcare motivates her different roles. She is passionate about using the power of design, data and AI to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of people.

Eva’s keynote “Unleashing the power of Design, Data and AI”, you will learn about delivering on the promise of personalized solutions in order to advance our design discipline. We need to build data and AI savvy UX organizations that can hands on work with data and deliver an experience perspective on AI. During her talk, Eva will portray how, at Philips Experience Design, her team builds a new design capability around design, data and AI. She will give insight to how the team came about, how they matured the capability over the last five years and give an outlook on what is next.

Brigette Metzler
ResearchOps Lead at Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

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Brigette Metzler works as ResearchOps Lead at  the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment. From 2017-2020, Brigette led the user research library at Services Australia. Alongside chairing several government communities of practice, she is also the co-chair of the ResearchOps Community, a global community of people discussing ResearchOps — the people, mechanisms, and strategies for scaling research.

The demand for user research seems to grow every day as Human Centred Design becomes standard practice. There's a tension between the need to move fast, and the value that can be gained by moving slow. In herkeynote, Brigette will introduce you to the Eight Pillars – the broad areas that researchers need to be in place to allow research to happen, to allow researchers to scale the impact of their craft. These pillars remain the same, whether you’re just ‘getting organized’ or are doing research at scale. From here, you can start to think about operationalizing research in your organisation. Drawing on her experience as a Research Ops specialist, Brigette will outline the journey- from organised to operationalised. Whatever the scale, Ops’ mission is to scale the impact of user research.

Jaime Zamorano
Design Team Lead at Rakuten Inc.

Next up, you will meet Jaime Zamorano. He is a Product Design Manager who leads a team in charge of engaging with businesses and building products in a quick and efficient manner; working with multicultural teams at Rakuten Inc, Tokyo. With 10 years of experience, Jaime worked in many design-related positions: from Front-End developer to graphic and UX designer, until he found his mission: help designers grow and help businesses to adopt a user centric mindset.

His keynote is titled “Scaling multicultural teams in a changing environment”. Growing in a team is challenging, and growing teams even more so. In the year that Covid hit, going full remote and reacting quickly to multiple changes (whilst growing a team) were some of the many changes the designers in this industry have faced. In this session, you'll learn about these challenges, lessons learned from the perspective of a design team lead that manages a multicultural team at Rakuten Inc. in Japan. Some keytakeways you can expect from the keynote is how to look for indicators to evaluate yourself, your team and how to act upon them.

Chris Stair
VP, UX Design Lead at J.P. Morgan Chase

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Another keynote speaker we are excited to welcome at Savvy UX Summit this year is Christ Stair. Chris is a product design manager at J.P. Morgan Chase. He spent his UX career in finance where he designed everything from an insider-trading-hunting dashboard to credit risk modelers to a cryptocurrency-aggregator. He reveals the chaos/clarity that comes with a good design process and delights in exposing stakeholders to user research.

Chris’ keynote will cover UX Operation/ Management with his keynote titled “Pragmatic Product Design: Keeping Your Priorities Straight and Enabling Your Team”. Understanding what the people you work with need is the first step toward helping them. But the type of help you render, does not need to shake their spiritual foundation every time. Every problem does not need to be revisited, every assumption doesn’t need to be questioned and a user interview is not always the answer. The sooner you understand what your team needs in order to be unblocked, the sooner you can meet their needs.

Anna Zavyalova
Head of Research at Daito Design

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Anna Zavyalova is Head of Research at Daito Design. With background in social anthropology and years of experience in qualitative and UX research, Anna has worked across a number of agencies as well as in-house, leading research initiatives spanning usability, strategy and behavioural insights. She has carried out global studies across a wide range of industries, including artificial intelligence, social media, retail, urban mobility, gig economy, energy and workplace culture.

During Anna’s session, you will learn more about UX research methodology. More precisely, Anna will talk about “The benefits of constraints: Best Practices and Lessons Learned From A Year Of Doing Remote Research”. Ethnographic immersions and contextual inquiry have always been the foundation of qualitative user research. Engaging with users in the physical, spatial, social and cultural contexts of their lives is essential to building products that go beyond mere technological fit, but strive to become an integral part of users’ constantly evolving lifeworlds. The past year has forced UX practitioners around the world to rapidly adapt to a reality where ‘contextual’ and ‘immersive’ parts of our toolkit were largely inaccessible. Anna’s talk considers top remote contextual research strategies that have allowed the UX research sector to thrive despite the ongoing obstacles caused by the pandemic.

We hope you are excited as we are to join our first six speakers. Make sure to stay tuned to learn about our next seven speakers on the second day of Savvy UX Summit. For more information about our summit, and to order tickets, visit A ticket will provide you access to the full 3-day event including all video recordings for a month. For queries about group tickets or other questions, please contact us at


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