How An User Experience Certification Can Benefit Everyone, Not Just UXers

The demand for User Experience (UX) practitioners has increased in recent years as many organizations have come to realize its significance in the success of developing (digital) products. According to CNBC, UX/UX Designers positions are in particular in high demand. It is even recognized as one of the fastest-growing jobs of the future. With such increasing demand for UX professionals, an occuring question for prospective UX practitioners is whether they need a UX degree or certificate to pursue a career in UX. In this article, this question will be further explored in addition to advantages and value of having a UX degree or certification. Lastly, for those interested in pursuing UX certification, keep reading till the end of the article to find more about the UXQCC Training courses.

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Value of a UX Degree or Certification

There are many people that work in UX roles without having any formal education in related fields. However, this doesn't imply that having a degree is meaningless. There are many varied reasons for you to get a UX degree or certification. Summarized below, are some of the major advantages of having formal education in UX:

  1. First of all, it can be stated that UX is beneficial for everyone. A common misconception is that UX is only beneficial for users. However, all stakeholders involved from project managers, developers, programmers, to marketers are affected by UX. In every business, having a user centered development is crucial from the start. Not having a user centered approach can lead to costly changes in the user interface, design iterations, usage errors, lower productivity rate, and extra training costs. Hence, understanding UX is an essential skill to possess.

  2. Secondly, a certification program will enrich your knowledge and help develop skills required to apply for UX job positions. Often, employers or prospective clients prefer graduates since a degree or certification shows your UX proficiency.

  3. Thirdly, it helps you  prepare for the job market. Especially for those without previous UX experience, a formal education provides a great opportunity to build your portfolio to demonstrate your skills. Also, for people with experience, is it always beneficial to expand your portfolio further.

  4. Another reason in favour of obtaining a UX degree or certifications is the opportunity for building your network. Not only will your fellow peers become part of this network, but think also about previous alumni, teachers, instructors or mentors of the UX program.

Do I need a degree in UX to have a career in it?

To answer the questions whether you need a UX degree or certification is not as straightforward as it seems. First of all, a lot depends on your previous experiences. It goes without saying that if you worked in a field which requires a similar skillset the transition to UX will be easier for you. But to come back to the question, “Do I need a UX degree or certification”, although it is not always a hard requirement, it is certainly easier to transition into a UX position with a formal education. It can also provide you with a head start over others by demonstrating your UX skills and knowledge with your degree or certification.

Personal development is a lifelong process

One important thing to remember is that education is not limited to a formal environment. There are many books, articles, and other resources that can help you further expand your knowledge. You can also pick up certification courses conducted by a professional UX association to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed.

So whether you decide to get a UX degree or certification, it is important to continuously keep working on your personal development. Keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Most people will learn the most with informal and formal settings combined.

Upgrade Your UX Skills with Training Course from UXQCC is proud to bring User Experience Quality Certification Center (UXQCC) to the APAC region, with the ever-first APAC Batch successfully held last year December. Keep reading if you want to know more about UXQCC, and the upcoming APAC training course.

What is UXQCC?

The User Experience Quality Certification Center (UXQCC) is a worldwide organization that certifies User Experience and Usability Professionals, products and companies. There are three levels of certification, each building upon each other and are therefore consecutive. First level is Foundation level, followed by Advanced level and Specialist level.

Levels of certification provided by UXQCC

How does a personal certification work?

By following the UXQCC training course you will not only upgrade your UX skills, but you will be able to demonstrate your certified UX proficiency to employers or prospective clients. Throughout each online course, you will receive personal training by learning from one of UXQCC’s internationally available training providers. You will finish the course by taking a certification exam that will provide stakeholders with evidence of your knowledge and skills.

Advantages of UXQCC Certification

UXQCC courses are curated and designed by UX educators and professional practitioners with over 150 years of collective experiences. This brings immense value towards a unified UX certification for the global UX community.

Advantages of UXQCC Certification

Ready to Upgrade Your UX skills?

Applications are now open for the UXQCC APAC region. The course is designed for professionals from various backgrounds aiming to expand their UX skills and knowledge. Alumni have varied backgrounds including, software engineers, scrum masters, UX&UI designers, quality managers, IT project managers, marketing managers, even investors and business owners.

Interested in how UXQCC Alumni experienced the training course? Watch the video here and learn from their experience and what they valued about the certification. For more information and specific course details, download the brochure.

Convinced to take the next step in your UX career? Join the upcoming UXQCC APAC batch starting 27th of March 2021. Fill in the application form to register yourself. For more information or questions, please feel free to contact us at


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