UX Trip: From Nairobi to Calgary

On the 6th and 13th August, Aldrich Huang, CEO and Co-founder of UXTesting.io was invited as a guest speaker for UX Kitchen and UX Calgary’s webinar. On 20 August, Tate Lin, Head of Business Development at UXTesting, also conducted a workshop on usability testing for the UX Kitchen community. Both webinars were organized in a fireside chat-style creating an interactive way for attendees to engage with each other.

UX Kitchen

UX Kitchen is a community in Nairobi that’s normalizing user-centered problem-solving in a sustainable way. In this community, they don't just teach their members how to design products, but also empower each other to be outstanding Pan-African entrepreneurs whose two biggest skills are problem-solving & building scalable businesses.

Aldrich was invited as a guest speaker for UX Kitchen’s webinar titled “User Experience Impact: Industry, Reality & Knowledge”. During the webinar, he shared several personal stories about UX and how to become a better UX practitioner. He stressed the importance of speaking a common language with their customers and encouraged them to try explaining the concept of UX to their parents or grandparents. In this way, they would be much more successful in conveying the importance and benefits of UX to potential clients.

On 20 August, Tate Lin, Head of Business Development at UXTesting, conducted a workshop teaching members of the community how to conduct usability testing using the UXTesting platform and shared some use cases of how usability testing helped transform organizations.

UX Kitchen webinar

UX Calgary

Calgary UX is a local UX community from Canada. With over 1,200 members in their community, they aim to inspire and connect user experience professionals across all disciplines and all industries in Calgary. The community builds around the idea of forming new relationships, showcasing local talents and drawing inspiration from the larger UX community. Their members range from designers, developers, content writers, product managers, researchers, and more.

Calgary UX invited Aldrich to join their webinar to share his experience and recommendations for building bridges between UX practitioners and high-level stakeholders. ​During the webinar, Aldrich used a case study on how Taiwanese government is in the development of successful UX strategies to fight COVID-19 with Fast, Fair and Fun. The case study took the example of how Taiwanee government dealt with the distribution of face masks during the pandemic in such an efficient manner. Aldrich explained how Taiwanese government identified and resolved bottlenecks with a UX mindset.

UX Calgary webinar

In many parts of the world, UX is a small but growing community. UXTesting is happy to support and empower the local UX communities around the world. 

This article provided a concise summary of Aldrich’s sharing during the UX communities webinars. At UXTesting, we provide remote user insight solutions to enterprises that can help further your UX research. For questions or more information about how UXTesting can help your company, please contact us on social@uxtesting.io.


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting