Webinar Recap: Conducting Remote User Testing with UXTesting’s Live Solution

On Wednesday July 1st, UXTesting Inc. organized a webinar on how to conduct remote user testing with UXTesting’s live solution. The webinar was presented by the Head of Business Development, Tate Lin.

Image 1: virtual group picture

During the webinar, Tate elaborated on how UXTesting’s solution can help UXers run research and testing safely and efficiently. Tate showed how to conduct user testing from start to finish. In the live demo, he performed moderated user testing showing UXTesting’s newest capability and dives deeper into the basics of remote user testing while sharing insightful tips to enrich your UX research.

How to Adapt to the New Normal with UXTesting’s Solutions

In light of COVID-19, organizations worldwide have continued to shift towards remote work. This shift has permanently changed our lives with remote work becoming the “new normal”. UXTesting provides remote solutions to shift your research method from online without the need for face-to-face interaction.

Image 2: UXTesting’s solution

Four Steps to Plan Your Research Roadmap

Conducting a remote user testing for the first time can be challenging if you just started to transition into a remote working style. Accordingly, Tate discussed four steps to follow to conduct a remote user testing:

  1. Create the research plan
    This entails determining the scope and length of the research study. Choosing whether you want to conduct moderated or unmoderated testing is an important consideration. Not to forget, choose how many test participants you will need and adjust study script accordingly.

  2. Preparation is key
    As for any research project, preparation is key. With UXTesitng’s solution, you can prepare pre-survey, task and post-survey beforehand. Selecting and recruiting your test participants is another important step in preparation. Before conducting the test, it is highly recommended to run a pilot test first to increase the reliability of your research. In case you have co-workers that want to join the test session, they can join as observers. It is also necessary to prepare them in advance.

  3. User testing session
    Just before conducting the test, it is recommended to send a reminder to your test participants. Make sure they also receive the correct testing link for them to join the test session. If everything is ready, you can start with your first user test! The moderator and observer can both decide to take notes during the test if needed.

  4. Review and analyze data collaboratively
    Once you successfully conducted the user test, you can now review and analyze the data. You can rewatch the videos with UXTesting’s on-screen and front camera recording feature. From there you can analyze the data collaboratively with your team members. You can take notes, use time-stamps, issue reports, and gain actionable data from several AI capabilities including voice recognition, emotion detection and eye tracking. UXTesting’s platform also allows you to display the data results and synthesize them into summarized reports.

Live Demo

Tate further continued the webinar by conducting a live demo going over the four research steps he explained, while providing several tips on how to improve your user testing.

Image 3: UI of Live User Testing Solution

Case Study: Top 10 Telecom Company in the World

In the last part of the webinar, Tate went over a case study on how a telecom company used UXTesting’s solution to receive actionable data to make validated design decisions to optimize their customer's experience. Before using UXTesting’s solution, tests were conducted face-to-face and task instructions were sent manually; this was complicated to analyze and done inefficiently. After using UXTesting’s solution, tests were conducted remotely and the research budget was reduced by 40%.

The webinar ended with a key takeaway, “Use data to level-up your storytelling”.

This article provided useful and practical tips that were discussed during UXTesting’s webinar on how to conduct remote user testing. We provide remote user insight solutions to enterprises to help with their UX research. For questions or more information about how UXTesting can help your company, please contact us on social@uxtesting.io.


Yang Mei Asscheman
Marketing Manager at UXTesting