UXTesting, a Taiwan-based startup, is devoted to the optimization of User Experience. The team’s first service “UXTesting” (www.uxtesting.io) aims to offer developers a mobile testing tool and user behavior analysis that help drill user insights for better user experience.

Founded in September 2014, UXTesting, a team of 9, addresses to the importance of obtaining direct user feedbacks on UX problems. The team believes that actionable feedbacks are only obtained when users are understood in a more straightforward way, compared to current feedback comment formats.


Member aldrich
Aldrich Huang
CEO & Co-founder
Member morshues
Morshues Lai
Chief Technology Officer
Member xoniyc
Xoniyc Lin
Full Stack Developer
Member tate
Tate Lin
Business Development
Member chuan
Chuan Yang
Chief Design Officer
Member ivo
Ivo Bout