Understand your users

Go to market faster with UXTesting.
Record what test users do in your app, and record their faces for maximum feedback. Collaborate with your team on our easy-to-use platform.

Record Everything
Track every action taken by your test users in an easy to play back video format, including crash play back.
Intuitive Analytics
Gather heat map and user flow data to improve user retention and provide the best user experience possible.
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Video sarah
Video screen


Understand how your mobile users feel remotely.


Easy to manage, discuss & analyze user behavior.


Valuable data collection through tester’s smart phone.


UXTesting that doesn’t require the traditional lab environment, saving you time & money.
Real use case
Real users test your app in daily life, not in a controlled environment.
Retention rate
Tester can repeat testing to reassess the research/feedback/data over time.
Easily communicate with developers, designers, product managers and others in the team.
Live Video
Watch the exact moment (before) your app crashed during testing.
Ease of Use
No equipment set up, no hassle. We take care of the set up for you.
Flow charts & heat maps help you understand the user’s behavior.



Of all the products we've evaluated, UXTesting has, by far, the most promising feature set for capturing both quantitive and qualitative metrics needed for robust mobile UX design.
Theresa neil
Theresa Neil
Managing Director of Theresa Neil Strategy & Design
Mobile user experience testing with UXTesting is really easy. I especially love the feedback from the user’s face and screen touches on a mobile browser. Great for mobile app testing!
Tom Resing
Solutions Consultant, Jive Software
Speaking as a D.I.G. member, UXTesting provides the best analytical tools for data-driven UX testing and agile app development to meet the demands of UX-related industries.
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Hsien-Hui Tang
Host of Digital Insight Group
Running a business without solid data infrastructure is like going to war blindfolded.
Img p2
Sean Cheng
Founder & CEO, 愛食記
UXTesting really solved a problem that should have been solved.
Img p3
Ju Chun Ko
Linkwish Co-Founder
UXTesting helps you prevent the damage of inaccurate judgement. You no longer have to imagine the user experience when developing apps.
Img p4
Steven Shen
Senior iOS Developer
UXTesting also provides direct and effective assistance to designers in enhancing user experience and optimizing product design.
Img p5
Tim Tu
Founder, Sketchynotebook
Such an intelligent service that helps us refine our product! It shows us how people use the app in ways that didn’t cross our minds.
Img p6
Henry Chen
Founder, Driving Curve
Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want to use this service to change the world?
Img p7
Robert Huang
CEO, Fontech
The optimal system that helps me understand my users’ behaviors. With Log and Video, I can solve any problem accurately and provide a more UX-friendly app to the user.
Img p8
Vinek Chen
CEO, Olis Innovation